Is your child's confidence struggling?

They're not alone. I remember when my confidence took a hit in elementary - the kids called me "Carrot Top", and although I didn't know what that meant yet I knew they found it absolutely hysterical and that hurt. There's more than likely a point in your life where you were were concerned about your body shape or size or your hair or skin color. Do you remember it?

Now kids have even more pressure than before because of higher "beauty standards" and the ease at which they can see others' beauty. I agonized over how I could help my own daughter and others - the Senior who didn't even want to record her last year of highschool and the five year old boy who was embarrassed by his classmates because his skin color was darker than theirs. I wasn't sure if it would work, but I started trying photos of who they are. It's more than what they look like. The idea worked. It's still working, and now I'm excited to share my tips with you.

  1. Professional photographers use flattering lenses (science, baby) and touch up images. It helps your child see themself in a new way that is still real life - just minus a zit or two.
  2. The hype from a patient, understanding human can go a long way in boosting confidence. Photography sessions mean time for conversations and learning about subject. The child can talk about everything they are proud of and hear back that they are awesome.
  3. They can have time to be themself with no one making comments. If your child is a boy who dances or a girl with a special diagnosis or is any other kind of brave and bold, a photography session is the perfect place for them to let that shine. To really be themself. And trust me, they do.
  4. The very act of taking the time to record your child is a huge start. To your child it can feel like a sort of proof that they are important and loved.

I am happy to talk with you and your child so that we can provide them with the perfect confidence boosting experience and to give you ideas to keep it going.