Dodging trends OFFICIALLY since 2013.

I became official (legal and insured and all that jazz) in 2013 with a different name and look. I lived in Aurora, CO but my clients were mostly all in the LoDo and Capitol Hill neighborhoods in Denver. It was fast paced, exciting and high profile work that reminded me a lot of the work I did in the Marines. I like working with people -mainly mamas - that I just "get" so much more.

girl posed in pueblo colorado

Self portrait 2022

girl with camera

In college 2012

marine at golden hour

In the Marines 2010

family senior child portrait photographer

With my ostrich 2000

professional photographer with college degree

Me & You

Do you love your coffee iced even in the dead of winter? Are you annoyed by slow drivers in the left lane?

Do you love glitter?

Are you easily distracted by animals?

Are you a transplant to Colorado?

Do you still watch Friends re-runs even though you basically have all of the episodes memorized?

Do you feel personally attacked by some of the Progressive "home owners becoming their parents" commercials because you do the things in them?

If you feel me on some of these things, then it's quite possible we are made for each other!

I asked some of my clients to describe me.

Here's a bit of what they said.

"organized" "instantly comforting" "responsive" "warm" "always positive" "sarcastic" "patient" "so flexible"


I also asked my husband, and he said "nice butt". Sigh, I guess he didn't understand the assignment!

child photography for milestones

I like animals. So much so that I don't know how many I have any more.

Patriot Ranch

In 2019 my husband and I established out not-for-profit rescue ranch, and since then we have brought animals from all over the world to the safety of our loving home. We have dogs rescued from euthanasia in Afghanistan, alpacas rescued from bear attacks in Black Hawk and many more. If you see animals in my photos, they are either my client's pets or animals that are from Patriot Ranch. We are careful and kind to the animals so that they are kind back to us.

Think you and I might be a good fit for an epic photography session?