Bishop Castle in Rye, Colorado

Tucked away among tall pine trees and groves of aspens in Rye, Colorado is Bishop's Castle. Here your imagination can run wild with the thrill of a dragon peaking around the next corner or a princess gliding softly across the floor of the ball room. The idea of bringing a child here to be photographed as their favorite costumed hero is one of my personal favorites. The wonder in their eyes as we move from room to room is exciting enough, but to choose a location for their very own special photos is incredible. The costumes earn them compliments from strangers passing by, and their confidence skyrockets. Being allowed to be creative is invaluable for children, and Bishop Castle is a wonderful place for that to happen.

My favorite way to make these photoshoots happen is to discuss a theme first. Are we going to be fighting the dragons, or are we going to be princesses sitting in our lovely gowns and sipping our tea? Once we know the ideas of the child or children we can then begin our search for costumes. Many times I have the perfect outfit in my client closet. When we meet at the castle, we stay within the lower three levels for photographs because the higher levels are not always safe, particularly for the children. I let children choose their favorite rooms to pose in and ask them to pose at a few of my own favorite spots as well. They are always happy to do so, and we work our way through the castle until we are all exhausted and hungry and ready to end the day.

It's an epic adventure with creative memories saved through professional images.

winter snow around princess in gown
fantasy costume of disney belle princess in castle
fairy posing in bishop castle for fantasy portrait
disney princess posing at bishop castle
fairy princess cosplay in castle
girl as fairy cosplay costume in castle in colorado
fairy princess looking out castle window
fairy princess posed in front of castle in colorado
woodland fairy cosplaying in forest
princess in red gown dancing at castle in colorado winter
princess belle at bishop castle for fantasy
cosplaying princess at bishop castle stones