the Hype Pack

Hey! Are you graduating in 2024? If so, congrats; you're closer than you think! Now is a great time to start thinking about recording this important moment in your life. I have a really cool way to not only record your memories, but to also make both money and more memories in the process.

this year the hype pack is open to 7 motivated high school seniors

What I do for you

When you become a part of my hype pack, you enjoy several perks including a gift box, individual photo shoots which include a full gallery with your choice of 10 images each (option to purchase more), use of my client closet for photo shoots, a reference letter from me for college, and even ca$h for referrals that you bring in starting at $20 and going up with every referral (like $100 for your 4th referral!).

What you do for me

In exchange, you pay a one time fee of $400 for all of your photoshoots, attend at least one volunteering event and at least two photo shoots before the beginning of your senior year, leave me a review, post your images regularly on your social media and refer your friends to Paula Kramer Art for their senior photos. You must also have your parent's permission to join the pack.

Why volunteer?

Giving back to the community is one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences a person can have, and that's what the Hype Pack is all about. Sometimes it's hard for us to know where and how to do that, so being able to help as a group makes volunteering more fun and less intimidating.

Why cold, hard cash?

You earn it . . . it's yours. As if all of the other perks weren't enough incitive to be a part of the pack, I truly believe you deserve rewards for your efforts. By the time that you've referred four friends, you've already earned back your entire one time fee! Work up the ladder and go from $20 for the first referral to $100 for the seventh referral and beyond!

Why Paula Kramer Art?

I took my own senior photos (with my four year old sister pushing the button) way back in 2003. I was saving for art school and as badly I wanted to have photos done, I couldn't stand to put a single penny towards anything else. Now nothing makes me more happy than helping seniors get the images they want - the images they deserve.

Think Maybe the hype pack is for you?

Fill out this application by March 15th 2022 & watch for my email!

Thanks for your interest in the hype pack!