happy child posed for session

Get ready for an experience that will knock your socks off

"Working with Paula is like taking a nap and waking up to find everything is already done because she is so calming, professional and efficient."

Suzanne w.

A B C, It's easy as 1 2 3! (it's stuck in your head now, huh?)

1. Before your shoot

We can plan your outfit using clothing from my client closet or I can pull entire wardrobe choices for you on Amazon that you just have to add to cart and purchase! Message me your thoughts and I'll send you mine. If you like the thought of a client closet, choose from women's gowns and boho dresses, or girls clothing - all in bold jewel tones. And if you're confident in your choices than so am I. I truly believe what makes you feel good makes you look good. Check Pintrest for inspiration and share ideas with me.

I will scout locations so you don't have to. Want flowers? I'll do my best to find them. Need a state park? I'll check to see if I already have a permit if needed. No idea where to go? I'll give you my top suggestion for your unique shoot.

Behind the scenes I double check my memory cards and batteries and pack everything neatly. I go over the information you've given me and triple check the weather. I lay in bed at night and obsess over what ideas I can think up to make your shoot truly one of a kind.

2. During your shoot

When we meet you will be able to tell that I'm both super excited to hear your story and to get shit done. I will listen to your wants and needs and go over everything one more time and get to shooting . . . no wasted time or light here!

Just so you know, this is the most fun part! If we aren't having fun and laughing then we aren't doing it right! What makes you comfortable? Drinks? Music? Dad jokes? Let's do it and make some awesomeness!

Have a pose idea? Please tell me. Whether you got inspired by something you saw on Facebook the day before, or a cool spot caught your eye as we are shooting I am always happy to bring your vision to life for you. Some of my favorite photos are ideas my clients have had.

Otherwise, you can just blissfully go with the flow while I control the current. I will guide you to some comfortable positions and let you move naturally. I'm no poser! (See what I did there?) You'll see how much easier that is for you and how much better it looks in your photos!

3. After your shoot

You wait. And wait. For eternityyyyy. Haha, I kid, I kid. It doesn't take me that long!

I edit photos at all times of the day in order to get them back to you as soon as possible, but it may take up to three weeks. Don't fret; your sneak peaks will be sent much more quickly! I send all print ready photos via email in a digital gallery for you choose from to download and share as you please.

Even this part is stress free; can you believe it? Because since you see the sneak peaks early, you can rest assured you're getting exactly what you signed up for. It's a pretty great feeling!

For me, clicking the shutter button is just the beginning.

The image I envision when I take a photo is not the image in the camera. There's always something I can tweak to make your photos special and unique for you. Maybe something in the background needs to go, or maybe the sky needs to be a bit perkier. One image can turn into several different photos just by editing it in different ways. I brighten this, darken that . . . even switch out faces so that everyone is smiling at the same time if that's what's needed.

When I'm finally done, your images look like art, and they feel like you.

senior in garden of the gods colorado springs

Edited Photos: Before & After's

family with baby in garden of the gods colorado springs

Edited Photos: Before & After's

girls in colorado field during summer winter spring fall

Have an extra special edit you'd like to see done to your photos? Please let me know before the day of your shoot to be sure we are able to create your vision.