An experience that will knock your socks off.

quote from child

What matters most to me?

the kids.

Okay, you matter to me, too. I'll ask for your input, If you have any poses you've thought of while we've been shooting, and all that stuff.

But the kids, man - they tell me about their favorite shoes, their pets, and what veggies they despise. The little guys like to explore, and I live for it. My kids are teens now, so I love to be reminded how precious the wonder that comes from these young minds really is. The teens tend to open up with me, sometimes to the point that their parents learn things about them that they didn't already know.

This is the magic I've been talking about.

How will your expertly guided session go?

Before your session

We plan. We choose the best location, clothes and date for the session. We can chat, and I can answer your questions so that we are totally prepared.

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During your session

Our goal at our session is to have fun because fun causes real, genuine smiles.

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After your session

You wait while I edit. It probably seems like forever, but unless we plan otherwise, you'll have finished photos within three weeks.

You get more than just your images from me.

You get your memories, too.

child with attitude
girl feeding horse with rider
pouting child

It's no secret these photos are my favorites.

I adore moments full of personality. After all, I get to give your child back right afterwards anyway! Usually when a kiddo has a moment, we can stop and take a break. I have a bag of tricks up my sleeve, and so does every parent I've ever worked with. in the end, we always figure it out.

Watch me turn this unedited image into the final photo.



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fine art of fancy senior
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