the Camera

I learned just as much as an intern at Bloom Portraits in Denver

(check them out; they're so cool!)

As I did when I got my degree in photography.

Watching a professional and being in the real-life throws really set me up on my path to success.

Now it's my turn to share my knowledge and experience and set you up for the ultimate career you've been wanting!

The Mentorships

Mentorship 01


Mentorship 01


*attend 1 shoot together
*meet up x4
*locations sheet
*texting number for questions
(within 3 MONTHS)

Mentorship 02


Mentorship 02


*1 hr meet up before
*attend 1 shoot together
*1 hour meet up after

The Day Date


The Day Date


Meet me for coffee to pick my brain on anything related to photography, business, marketing and branding for up to two hours.

FAQ's about the mentorships


What are the meet ups?

It's your chance to pick my brain. If you're just starting out, it's a great chance to learn your camera with me. Use one to learn the basics of editing, or ask about my favorite tips for posing, and more!

You specialize in kids, can yous still help me?

Probably! Let me know what you specialize in and we can see if we are a match! I am not the best for newborn, realestate and wedding photography.

Is there anything you don't work with?

I know a lot about SEO and laws, but I am neither an SEO expert or a lawyer, so if you need serious help on those I'd be happy to point you in the right direction!

Can I do a custom mentorship?

Yes, please message me with what you're looking for!


Learn what can put your images over the top

Critique of your images

Do you know there is something missing? You just about have it, but they just aren't what you'd call ahhhhhh-mazing?

Did you know that to graduate with a photography degree I had to take a class to learn how to critique images?

maybe I should say that I GOT to take the class; I actually really enjoyed it!

How it works

Send me ten of your best images, images you just wonder about, or images you want some help on. I will send you a written crit of each image then we can discuss and I will answer any questions you have.