Individual & Group Posed


Composites & Banners

How I work

While each team is as individual as each kiddo on the team, I have some standard methods to my madness.

Some of these include:

  • I can bring lights to indoor shoots, but I do not bring backdrops.
  • I can make composites and banners (usually the team faves).
  • I prefer to do individual sessions without the rest of the time in sight because it tends to make the kiddos camera shy.
  • My typical turnaround is 3 weeks for banner, plus one more week (4 total) for individual photos.
  • I charge $125 per hr with a 2 hr minimum for a session, with your choice of a complimentary banner design (not printed) or two complimentary digital photos (one individual, one group) for each child included.

check out this baseball team seeing their banner for the first time!