9 Aug 2022

Drive, Baby

What a mama wants a mama gets, right? When this mama knew she wanted wildflowers and Colorado landscape for her maternity photo shoot, she was afraid that we would need to drive several hours into the mountains to find them, and she was told by others there were none to be found without hiking which she did not want to do because she had already had a rough pregnancy and it would be July when we shot the photos. She was ready to settle for any pretty space - but I was not!

maternity photoshoot with gown in colorado wildflowers
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I look hard for your dream location, because I KNOW it's out there waiting!

I went driving and went down all of the side roads I could find. I got lost in the Colorado front range, stopping to snap cell phone pics all along the way. And suddenly I found it! Just off the road, a beautiful field of flowers with red cliffs and the mountains in the background. A few deer looked up at me and I

stared right back as I slowly rolled by. I turned around at the first chance I got and parked. Port-a-potties along the parking lot would certainly be a bonus, but I couldn't wait to share what I had found! The perfect space, no long drive and only a few feet from the car - I was so glad to have made this mama happy!